Tuesday, March 1, 2016

NJ Dems Have Blocked Gov. High Court Picks For YEARS!

New Jersey Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean urged Senate President Stephen Sweeney to wake up to the congestion he has caused in New Jersey’s judicial system.

“One elected official should not sacrifice the safety and health of children and families to continue his political vendetta,” Kean said. “This Senate President has obstructed justice by blocking qualified justices to fill years-old New Jersey Superior Court and Supreme Court vacancies. This unprecedented disservice to the people must stop now.”

The people of New Jersey elected and re-elected Gov. Chris Christie, in part, because of his platform to change the state Supreme Court. Yesterday, the governor re-nominated brilliantly qualified David Bauman for the state Supreme Court.

Senate President Sweeney said today he will not allow even a single public hearing on David Bauman’s nomination, a political game against the people that he has tried in the past by blocking for years dozens of other diverse judicial nominees.

“This Senate President continues to play games with people’s lives,” Kean said. “As he leaves courtrooms empty, divorce cases languish, child custody cases are in limbo, there are costly delays in criminal matters, and there is no resolution for the people in the most critical Supreme Court issues impacting everyday lives, such as school funding that impacts property taxes, healthcare that impacts senior citizens and affordable housing that impacts all residents and communities.”

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