Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Now, The Time Has Come To Say 'ENOUGH!'

From Matt Rooney at the Save Jersey Blog, reprinted with permission:
Met my parents at a local N.J. diner last night, Save Jerseyans.
We tried to enjoy our meal, and we succeeded for the most part, but a woman in the next booth over was positively unhinged in her criticism of POTUS and couldn’t be quiet about it.
Ranting, raving… everything except for the foam coming out of her mouth. Her poor husband, who clearly gave up long ago, kept quietly urging her to calm down. This isn’t healthy, folks.
The election has been over for months.
The sky hasn’t fallen.
The Republic is still standing.
As the Jedi Master Yoda famously warned, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate to suffering.”
Take a look at today’s headlines.
This #resist childishness is counterproductive. It’s beneath the leaders, many of whom hold ‘high’ elected offices, who are encouraging it for selfish, transparently-partisan reasons.
Assassination playsbeheading videos, and apologies for hate groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ carry grim consequences for the quality of our national discourse and the health of our culture.
Here in New Jersey? Phil Murphy, the 2017 Democrat gubernatorial nominee, has compared President Trump to Hitler and his followers to Nazis.
Enough. Work constructively with your fellow Americans or stop pretending you care about anything other than soothing your own bruised egos before it’s too late for our country’s politics to recover.

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