Friday, June 16, 2017

A Distinctly Original, Multi-Hued Charmer!

Park City Utah's historic Main Street is one of the nicest places you could ever hope to visit.
Though the town is known for skiing and its much-heralded annual film festival, it's the cozy, small-town feel of Park City that gives it much of its charm. The town has gone to great lengths to keep its streetscape intact. Each building is distinctive yet they are all harmonious in their own way.
As you walk along the street, you almost don't know where to turn first as you encounter a variety of colors, styles and buildings.
If you ever in the Salt Lake city area be sure to save time for Park City. You'll never forget it!
Hope you enjoy the photos from our walk along the street!
All photos copyright 2017 by Dan Cirucci.

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