Monday, June 26, 2017

Oh, The Awful Assumptions They Make! . . . .

From our dear friend Matt Rooney of the Save Jersey Blog:
Very cute NYT story this weekend on the "moderate" Guadagno campaign (the inference being that Republicans are ordinarily extremists).
Let's review: the modern Democrat Party still can't get over a months-old election and its members are parading around in the streets sporting vagina-themed apparel, celebrating assassination plays and memes, rocking "Hunt Republicans" hashtags, crushing on politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who'd make Karl Marx blush and JFK resemble Jesse Helms, and running states like Illinois into the ground, Venezuela-style.
Yet it's the Republicans who need to "moderate" this cycle?? Please!
Toilet paper has more credibility than the NYT these days and idiotic stories like this one are the reason why.

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