Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gov Pardons Vets In Handgun Violation Incidents

New Jersey Governor Christie pardoned two veterans convicted of bringing their lawfully-owned firearms into New Jersey from their home states.

Michael A. Golden of New Mexico was arrested for having a handgun in a Mahwah hotel room in November 2013. He was sentenced to one year probation, which he served in New Mexico, and fined. Golden, 68, was a U.S. Army medic in Vietnam and a Purple Heart recipient.

James Michael Thaddeus Pedersen, 42, was a corporal in the Marine Corps and currently is the Director of Veterans Services for Moore County, North Carolina. He helps disabled veterans obtain disability and healthcare through the VA and coordinates other benefits to which they and their surviving family members are entitled. He was arrested in July 2014 in Runnemede after being found in possession of a handgun following an altercation involving a traffic incident. He was sentenced to one year probation for unlawfully transporting a firearm, which he served in North Carolina, and fined.

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