Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Truly, Does Their Hypocrisy Know No Bounds?

From our friends at Save Jersey:

by Matt Rooney

Submitted for your consideration….
The MOST glaring contradictions characterizing the modern Left:
(1) Don’t believe in God or respect organized religion but have 100% faith in massive, unaccountable government bureaucracies.
The most glaring contradiction of all! And I think little elaboration is needed as to why it’s so glaring. The idea of an omnipotent supreme being — either in the traditional monotheistic sense or some sort of Jeffersonian Deistic entity — is far-fetched but a government designed by imperfect humans can clothe the naked, feed the hungry, make life-and-death health care decisions (you know… play God!) and that’s not crazy?
They also mock religious conformity to dogma but demand criminal sanctions for anyone who questions a scientific theory like that of human-driven climate change.
I respect folks who say they don’t know what comes next, Save Jerseyans. I do not respect people who simply want to kill God in order to play God or justify their own bad behavior. 
(2) Drone on endlessly about ’empowerment’ but all of their grand ideas promote only life-long government dependence.
“Empowerment” is a favorite liberal buzz word. What they’re really aiming at is dependence as demonstrated by the fact that every single “empowering” idea involves a bigger, stronger, more expensive, freedom-constricting law, regulation or program. E.g. Urban parents who want vouchers to liberate their children from failing schools and hand guns to protect them from neighborhood drug violence are ignored. The true motivation is control and it’s as transparent as it is disgusting.
(3) Complain about being stereotyped but practice self-segregation at every turn.
“Hi, I’m Kari the Liberal. I don’t want to be discriminated against on the basis of my gender, or treated as if nothing more than my gender, but I’m going to teach my kids that all men are likely sexual predators and demand special rights including the ‘right’ to kill my unborn daughter while donning a vagina hat, agitate for women-only everything, study women’s studies in college, insist that the most important qualification associated with any female candidate for public office is her ovaries, and invest phrases like ‘mansplaining’ to shut down any attempts to question my bizarre, socially-destructive behavior.”
We could play this same game for any of the individual segments of the Left’s coalition, Save Jerseyans. Equality is how the platform is presented but equality is never truly the actual goal.
Want to be equal? Starting prioritizing your humanity, and that of your ideological adversaries, ahead of your coveted sociological designation. 
(4) Support the Democrat Party but exhibit an appalling lack of respect for democracy.
Remember when Donald Trump was castigated for refusing to unequivocally accept the result of the 2016 presidential election before the election even happened?
The #Resist squad has selective memory.
Leftist-style Democracy = the right to choose their candidates and vision for America.
(5) Profess a love of education but promote indoctrination whenever given the chance.
I touched on this above with my vouchers comment, but if the Left was truly interested in education, they’d focus on teaching children how to think as opposed to what to think. Unfortunately, visit any K-12 or post-secondary classroom in America and indoctrination is the order of the day. The problem starts early in states like New Jersey where the all-powerful teacher’s union would rather protect failing schools — which in some cases cost out-of-district taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars per year, per student — than allow free market reforms to even the playing field. Why? Protecting ideological homogeneity is more important. 
(6) Praise diversity… unless it’s diversity of thought.
See #5 above. For a group of people OBSESSED with the concept of diversity as a good unto itself, Leftists routinely go out of their way to demand homogeneity. We’ve already touched on the educational dimension (you’re all familiar with “safe spaces” by now) but this attitude extends to the workplace and the popular cultures, too. E.g. If you’re black? Better vote Democrat or you’re actually… white? The inference being that black people are SUPPOSED to think a certain way… THEIR way. See the Condi Rice Rutgers fiasco for all the proof you need. I also recommend following The College Fix and CampusReform.org for constant monitoring of the topic.
(7) Talk a lot about love but say/do/commit a lot of objectively hateful things.
These boorish “Hate has no home here” yard signs are the new awareness ribbons. Condescension and tokenism at their worst. Btw – Want to live in a less ‘hateful’ country? Stop behaving as if everyone who doesn’t share your politics is a hateful monster.
(8) Morality matters until a liberal needs a pass.
Choice A: Bill Clinton.
Choice B: Donald Trump.
Your 19-year old daughter needs a ride back to college this fall. You MUST pick one of the presidents to man the wheel, and there’s only room in the car for the driver and your baby girl (she’s not a light packer). Who would you choose? The guy who has been repeatedly accused of sexual assault? Or the guy who says some inappropriate stuff?
I have repeatedly criticized Donald Trump’s behavior here on this site, folks. I’m not one of these “our team does no wrong” mouth pieces. That being said, the Left continues to erode its own credibility by applying different standards of morality depending upon the subject’s ideological orientation.
Another example of moral relativism? The Left’s refusal to get serious about Islam’s many failings in the human rights department. The aforementioned “Hate has no home here” signs contain print in the Arabic language, the dominant language of a part of the world where women have no rights and homosexuals are abused or even killed. Hmmm….
(9) Are extremely generous with other people’s money.
This point dovetails with my “empowerment” point earlier on in this list. Don’t take my word for it; I’ll never forget the story titled “Bleeding Heart Tightwads” published in a December 2008 edition of The New York Times. Trigger warning: a more recent survey found Republican men are far-and-away America’s most generous subset of tippers. At the bottom of the pack? Liberal women. Liberals LOVE charity when someone else is footing the bill. That’s one of the many dehumanizing side effects of putting the government at the center of a nation’s being rather than the individual, God, community, religion, whatever
(10) Revere science when it fits the narrative.
Hillary chuckled at her nominating convention while expressing Democrats’ acceptance of science. What she forgot to mention is how uneven this acceptance turns out to be in practice. For example, Democrats continue to adhere to unfounded fears concerning nuclear energy which have been debunked or neutralized by scientific advances. They’ve severely stunted America’s progression towards a clean energy future as a result. As with most things, Democrats pick and choose the science they like, shunning the true spirit of critical scientific inquiry whenever said science doesn’t fit the narrative (e.g. evidence of forged climate data or earlier and earlier detection of heart beats and pain intolerance in unborn children as evidence of their humanity). 

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