Saturday, April 25, 2020

Check Out Our Video Chats: Entertaining, Surprising!

Have you watched one of our quick ZOOM video chats lately?
We've been talking to everybody and learning about new ideas, new adventures and new ways of looking at what's happening. We've been getting a fresh take on things from bright young thinkers, seasoned travelers, insightful politicos, daring entrepreneurs and many others.
Find our latest chats and commentaries below. Take your pick -- and enjoy!

Amidst the COVID pandemic, a New Jersey state legislator tells Dan why he's refused to accept his paycheck until his constituents' unemployment claims are promptly and properly resolved.

These veteran travelers journeyed to the bottom of the world on a dream cruise that ran headfirst into the coronavirus calamity. Find out how they snagged the final flight home as they tell the take of their odyssey to Dan.

A young journalist is all in on a new venture that's got his Eyes On New Jersey, covering developments that the state's major media outlets are missing. Watch as he shares his story and his enthusiasm with Dan.

Shouldn't we be planning to jump start New Jersey's economy now? Damned right, we should! And Jack Ciattarelli's got a plan to do it -- a zippy, common-sense formula he outlines for Dan.

What's the difference between conservatism and libertarianism? How does one inform the other and where do the two divide? In a chat with Dan, UCONN student Isadore Johnson explains it all for you.

If you believe the mainstream media, practically everybody agrees with Governor Phil Murphy's "to hell with the Bill of Rights" approach to the COVID crisis. But everybody doesn't include New Jersey State Senator Joe Pennacchio who doesn't hold back in a candid conversation with Dan.

What are the seven most overused phrases of the pandemic? Watch as Dan tells you why you should be wary of these trite verbal bromides. 

How does a conservative college student navigate his way through the leftist-dominated world of US academia and into a role with a national political campaign where he's recruiting like-minded young people? Joshua Aminov describes the daring adventures of Students for Trump. 

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