Friday, April 17, 2020

Ten Great Coronavirus Bonuses For The USA!

You've heard it before: crisis brings opportunity. You may not see the opportunity at first but it's there and, invariably, good things emerge from it.
Or, as the wise nonagenarian mother of a friend of mine said, "this is a blessing in disguise." Look at 10 good things that have already come about since this whole scourge began:

1) Private sector innovation awakened.
America's big, diverse, talented private sector has stepped to the plate and now auto companies are making ventilators and fabric suppliers and pillow producers are making face masks and computer giants are making medical grade face shields and so forth. And they're working together across industries and it all happened so fast!

2) Federalism proved its worth.
Our federal system works! the federal government can't do everything. It can help the states but the states have to step to the plate too -- and yes, the states can help one another as well. Together, the federal government and the state governments are proving the wisdom of our  founders in creating this two-tiered system in the first place.

3) Private health system showed its adaptability.
A big, sate-run or state-dominated national health care system would not  have been able to act as quickly or efficiently as our network of private health systems which have proved to be far more elastic and adaptable and more suitable to the unique needs of their geographical areas and constituencies. Decentralization works!

4) Drug companies to the rescue.
Yeah, Big Pharma is on the case. Thank goodness for that. America's drug companies are leading the way and it won't be long before new, quick tests, new medicines and probably even a vaccine for the virus are available. They're operating at lightening speed and getting full cooperation and support from the FDA.

5) Respect for and care of elderly awakened.
We're learning that warehousing our elderly is not such a good idea. In fact, it was never a good idea in the first place. Mom and dad aren't always particularly well-served in a nursing home. Going forward, on-site home care will likely emerge as the best alternative. And, as Martha Stewart would say, "That's a good thing!"

6) Rugged individualism re-emerged.
Ordinary Americans are stepping forward, devising their own solutions, helping one another, reaching out, cheering one another on and accelerating our route to victory over the virus. They're using common sense and taking personal responsibility. That's the spirit that made America great!

7) Home sweet home gained value.
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. Your home is your castle. Home is where the heart is. Finally, the home has re-emerged as the center of American life. It's our new sanctuary. So now, expect home ownership to retake its rightful place as a cherished part of the American  Dream.

8) Our pioneer spirit renewed.
We're ready to get back into our cars again as we begin to appreciate as never before the freedom to travel inside our own little bubble. The train and the bus and the plane will have to wait. Meanwhile, get ready to be a nation of adventurers again -- seeking out the open road!

9) This land is our land.
Your own piece of land; your own garden; your own freedom to  cultivate, beautify, enjoy and cherish have never been more important. People all over the country are rediscovering this. Or, as Walt Whitman said: "The land was ours before we were the land's!"

10) Cherished words: Made in the USA.
We haven't seen these words enough -- and, we haven't seen them for far too long. But now, finally they have a chance to make a Very Big Comeback. Are you paying attention,America? Are you with US? Avanti!

And let's not forget "in God we trust" -- the value of faith and prayer. Because, in re-establishing our priorities, this has taught us what's most important: faith, family, freedom, country.
God help us if we cease to remember!

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