Wednesday, August 18, 2021

And Now: The Dreary, Gloomy Reality Of Bidenville

The weather around  here these days mirrors the mood of the nation: sunless, unsettled, relentlessly threatening. It's as if someone has thrown a dingy old tarp over what's left of summer. 
It's sad. But it fits our current predicament.  
America is stuck in the muck of an embarrassingly failed presidency led by a man who can only be described as gloomy. His clarion call to us warned of a "long dark winter". Unfortunately, he failed to mention that it would occur in August. He's a dismal, dreary, weary figure. Unfortunately, he's also menacing, capricious, obstinate and vindictive.
Let's face it: Joe Biden has no reservoir of goodwill among the people of this country. Chosen amidst a calamitous crisis via a sea of seemingly suspicious (and arguably, unverified) mail in ballots with little or no clear chain of custody, he was the choice of many simply because he wasn't "the other guy".  
It's not like they were picking Biden because they were enthused about him. They weren't. It's not like they even liked him. They were picking him because they didn't like the other guy's nasty tweets or his rhetoric or his hair or his brashness of his personality or his demeanor or his complexion or whatever. 
And now we know: they made a childish choice; a selfish choice; an unreasoned, spiteful choice. And we're stuck with it. 
And one of the saddest things is that no sunlight appears to be peeking over the horizon -- not even a speckle, none! Because, as you look at the current chain of succession (Harris, Pelosi, etc.) there's no cause for hope.
Which brings us back to Biden. At this point he's really a solitary figure. Oh sure, there are lots of people around him; lots of people filling in for him from time to time; lots of people acting as functionaries and palace guards. But, as he rushes back to Wilmington for one long weekend after another he's just a debilitated lonely old man who may be enfeebled as well. In his most recent appearance Biden seemed deeply troubled. His face looked blotchy with capillaries creeping to the surface and he appeared vaguely disconnected. Thing is, nobody's feeling sorry for him. Certainly not now -- certainly not amidst this debacle and devastating humiliation that he's handed us. For this, Biden has only himself to blame.
Biden has led a life of ruthless ambition. Never a stellar talent, he leapfrogged to prominence in a small, inconsequential state that most people would have trouble finding on the map. From there, he built up influence by fiendishly shifting with the political winds and simply hanging around a long time -- a very long time. A plagiarist, notorious gaffer and political grifter, he never really exhibited any core beliefs, unless you could call crass opportunism an ideology. After a lifetime spent reaching for the brass ring via a myriad of charades this morbidly mediocre man simply got lucky. He didn't have to campaign; didn't have to say anything; didn't have to do anything; didn't have to answer any questions. He just pretty much walked into the job and like the character in the landmark film The Candidate, probably wondered: "What do we do now?"
And watching all this just like all the rest of us is President Trump. One thing you can be sure of: Joe Biden is making Trump look better every day. In fact, right now Joe Biden is even making Jimmy Carter look good. And that's no small feat.
Say what you will about Trump, he was was (and remains) actually beloved by a huge group of people in this country. And he still retains not only their goodwill by their ceaseless loyalty. Nobody ever shouted "We love you" at a Biden event. But they did for Trump -- and they did it many, many times. President Trump energized, empowered and deeply inspired huge masses of ordinary people, many of whom had never taken an interest in politics before. His movement put democracy on steroids. The giant kaboom that it created rightly scared the hell out of the cowardly, nefarious elites in the nation's capital. It was nothing short of revolutionary.
Yes, we've come through a lot over the past few years.
And it would be comforting (especially now) to think that the worst is behind us. But nothing could be further from the truth.
We've crossed the Rubicon, America. We're in Bidenville. And it's a stormy, dark and gloomy place indeed!

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