Monday, August 16, 2021

So, What Did Biden Actually Say, Anyway?

And now, the following from a facebook friend:

President Biden just spoke about Afghanistan. He read every word, he did not look to the right or left, he refused to answer any questions and just walked off in that old-man wooden walk of his.
His face is full of scratches.
He said we did not remove American personnel earlier because they didn't want to leave. Mmmhmmm.
He said we will remain "razor" focused on terrorists. Really? The Taliban took over this entire country in about 3 days.
He said the other day that the removal of American personnel would not be like it was in Vietnam with people on rooftops. No, today they were on runways and hanging off a gangway, even off an airplane and some fell 1000 feet off that plane after it took off. If that isn't desperation, I don't know what it.
The other day, Joe asked the Taliban not to harm anyone at our embassy. THEY'RE ANIMALS! They don't care about their own people so why would they care about our people--you freakin' moron!
And Pelosi, endlessly talking and never saying a single sensible thing, said the Taliban should respect the rights of women and they deserve "a seat at the table." People are falling off airplanes to get out of there and she's talking about women's rights. G-D!!! Can she be anymore insane!
Did you vote for these lunatics? You thought Trump was vulgar--and he was--and THIS was the choice you made?!
And on the bright side, the decrease in population in Detroit means Talida Rashid, the sharia law-loving thief, may lose her seat. If so, you know there is a G-d! Good grief! 

H/T: Merle Winepol Lundy

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