Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Call Today To STOP NJ Gas Tax Hike!

The Democrats who control the 
New Jersey Legislature 
want to raise the tax 
on gas at the pump 
by as much as 15¢ per gallon!
This is their plan. 
They want to do it now while the price of gas is low, hoping you won't notice. 
Call Democrat State Senate Leader 
Stephen Sweeney at 856-251-9801 
or 856-339-0808 
and Democrat House Leader 
Vincent Prieto at 201-770-1303. 
Tell them you OPPOSE a gas tax hike. 
Say "NO!" now before your 
New Jersey taxes go up again. 
Stop this now. 
We are already one of 
the highest taxed states in the nation.
Enough is enough! 

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