Monday, January 26, 2015


Due to hazards presented by the ongoing coastal storm, pursuant to the authority of the State Director of Emergency Management and State Police Superintendent Colonel Rick Fuentes, the State of New Jersey has implemented a statewide travel ban effective at 11:00 p.m. and subject to revocation at daybreak.

Essential personnel will be permitted to travel.  Essential personnel are defined in NJOEM Informational Bulletin 03-1. The following personnel may be considered essential or may be eligible for a travel restriction exemption:

·            Police, fire and emergency medical services and authorized emergency management personnel,
·            Other persons providing emergency medical treatment or other assistance necessary to prevent an immediate threat to life,
·            Designated emergency government employees,
·            Persons who are employed, contracted, or responsible for performing duties necessary to:
·            Ensure maintenance of acceptable conditions at facilities providing health and medical care, veterinary and/or daily residential care facilities,
·            Prevent an immediate danger to the public safety arising from unattended chemical, industrial or other processes involving hazardous materials,
·            Restore, maintain, or safely operate a public utility, transportation or communication system,
·            Permit operations of a business for the purpose of providing fuel, heating, electrical, plumbing and other services necessary to prevent an immediate threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the public,
·            Conduct news reporting activities.

These descriptions are meant to provide general guidance to the public and local authorities who will be called upon to exercise discretion in the enforcement of travel restrictions at the local level.   Essential employees should be prepared to provide work identification to local authorities.

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