Monday, January 19, 2015

These Great Actors, Directors Never Won An Oscar!

By their very nature the Oscars are unfair.
They're unfair because you can't tabulate the score of a work of art and analytically declare a winner -- or even a top five or top ten. By his very nature, Oscar is subjective.
The Oscars are unfair because somebody's nominated and somebody's not.
They're unfair because some movies are nominated and some are not.
The latest flap over not enough African-American actors being nominated is just the newest round in a long line of grievances against the Oscars. Somebody always celebrates and many more get left out. They lose.
But again, we must remember that the system and the process are inherently prone to leave some people and some movies out of the nominated and/or winners' circle. That's just the way it is. And sometimes it happens again and again and again.
If you don't believe us, consider these actors and directors who never won an Oscar for a performance or for directing:

Greta Garbo
Alfred Hitchcock
Marlene Dietrich
Barbara Stanwyck
Cary Grant
Richard Burton
Fritz Lang
Natalie Wood
Steve McQueen
James Dean
Leonardo DiCaprio
Stanley Kramer
Ava Gardner
Erroll Flynn
Montgomery Clift
Brad Pitt
Glenn Close
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Michelle Pfeiffer
Fred Astaire
Judy Garland
Howard Hawks
Kim Novak
Ian McKellen
Rita Hayworth
Peter O'Toole
Marilyn Monroe
Cecil B. DeMille
Tony Curtis
Dorothy Dandridge
Albert Finney
Annette Bening
Lana Turner
Edward Norton
Peter Sellers
Tom Cruise
Jeff Daniels
Otto Preminger
Amy Adams
Lauren Bacall
Sam Pekinpah
Julianne Moore
Catherine Deneuve
Jean Harlow
Ernst Lubitsch
Ewan McGregor
Bill Murray
Arthur Penn
Deborah Kerr
Johnny Depp
Robert Altman
Sidney Lumet
John Cassevetes
William H. Macy
John Malkovich
Liv Ullmann
Rosalind Russell

Well, that's more than 50 Big Names.
Is that enough to convince you that the Oscars are unfair?
And, by the way: Life is unfair as well! Get used to it.

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