Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sideshow: The Democrats In Philadelphia

So, let's get this straight:
The Democrats came to Philadelphia's posh Society Hill to contemplate their navels and bloviate about how they are committed to helping the beleaguered middle class.
They ate and drank plentifully amidst cushy surroundings and decided that it's not their message or policies that are wrong (surprise!) but rather, it's all in the cosmetics -- the way they communicate the message.
The stupefyingly egotistical and shockingly immature "leader" of the party (and sadly, the nation as well) whined and complained and blamed his allies for the party's problems, declaring: "If you had stood by me, none of this would have happened."
And then Uncle Joe appeared to deliver the grand finale, finding that the past six years had been "really, really hard for the country" because the Dems made decisions "that were hard to explain." Amidst it all, the media were shown the door and locked out of the confab as Dem staffers escorted them to the nearest restrooms.
Yes, America -- just a few blocks from where the party's "founder," Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, this phony band of imperious dilettantes made a mockery of everything the Founders stood for.

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