Thursday, August 18, 2016

Haven't Tried It? You're Missing A REAL Treat!

It's called Thai rolled ice cream.
It's totally natural. No additives. No emulsifiers. No stabilizers. No preservatives.
It's just pure, fresh cream poured onto a icy cold tray and then quickly worked into a sort of frozen crepe -- very thin. Then, your chosen ingredients are added. You can choose from an array of liquids (like chocolate sauce) or solids (like nuts or sprinkles or fruits) and that is all mixed in and then worked into thin rolls, just as you see above. And that's the way the final product (with topping, like whipped cream if you so choose) is presented to you.
It's the freshest, purest, most unadulterated ice cream you can imagine. 
And you can find it at Sweet Charlie's in Philadelphia at 711 Walnut St. across from Washington Square Park. A dish (made from scratch, just for you) will run you about seven bucks and you'll probably have to wait in line. But, trust us -- we've tried it and it's worth waiting for! Mmmm!
Coming soon to Cherry Hill, NJ and Rehoboth, DE.  

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