Saturday, August 27, 2016

So. Where Are They When Help Is Really Needed?

From Matt Rooney at Save Jersey:

It’s a story that’s all-too familiar in New Jersey’s troubled urban centers, Save Jerseyans. All of America for that matter.

Leave now if you’re too comfy in your safe space… ***TRIGGER WARNING***

As I write this, 8-year-old girl Camden resident Gabby Hill-Carter remains in critical condition after a stray bullet struck her int he head around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday evening. A manhunt is presently underway for the perpetrators. A reward is being offered.

How many people truly give a damn?

There isn’t anything more heart-breaking on the planet than an innocent young life caught up in the crossfire of gang violence but, to my knowledge, there isn’t a single protest planned by members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Not one Huffington Post Reporter or MSNBC correspondent is reporting the story from the ground.

Al Sharpton hasn’t booked a flight to Philly’s international airport for a meet-and-greet with the victim’s family.

Mothers of the Movement‘ isn’t tweeting or talking about it.

Trenton politicians aren’t parachuting in for a press conference with local officials.

President Obama hasn’t called a press conference to blame the NRA or its membership for Gabby Hill-Carter’s life-threatening injury.


Gabby’s plight doesn’t fit the far-left’s political narrative. It’s another inconvenient truth. Something best left undiscussed.

Remember: while young black men dying at the hands of police is almost as rare an occurrence as fatal lightning strikes, violent crimes committed by members of our most-challenged communities against OTHER MEMBERS of the same community remain the leading cause of violent black deaths in America. Not police, George W. Bush, the Koch Brothers or Donald Trump. Yet no one wants to talk about those statistics and what’s behind them.

Murder in black America is only “news” in the statically-rare situation when a police officer — sometimes white, often not — is placed in an exceedingly and objectively difficult situation regardless of whether he or she followed training regulations and made the right decision under pressure.

Gabby’s home of Camden, New Jersey remains a glaring example of everything that’s false about the Left’s preferred portrait of a racist, dangerous, hopeless America, long before police violence became a topic de jour for talking heads and social media quarterbacks.

Reality check time…

To the extent there is disproportionate danger to children like Gabby Hill-Carter, the Left bears much of the responsibility for having both (1) created a hopeless situation through decades of failed government social engineering and promoting victimization for political gain, and (2) subsequently blocking critical reforms — like school choice — that could provide opportunities for social mobility in these neighborhoods.

To the extent there is racism playing a role in American violence, look no further than movements like BLM which, by and large, focuses on race at the expense of forging cooperative relationships with individuals of all races who want to see these communities get back on their feet again AND prevent the next Gabby Hill-Carter shooting.

Again, all of what I’m saying is TRUE and can be supported, but none of what I’m saying is helpful to Democrats when their standard bearer, Hillary Clinton, is trying to get elected with KKK-themed attack ads.

I’m sick and tired of the political correctness, issue avoidance and general lack of honesty while children continue to die.

Join me in demanding an answer to this simple question, Save Jerseyans: Who on the Left is fighting for Gabby Hill-Carter?

Gabby, and kids like her, might wake up to a better world if more American voters did.

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