Monday, December 19, 2016

Could This Be World's Most Unusual Christmas Song?

Christmas Day
  by ------Squeeze

Mary and Joseph drove into town,
Searching for a place to stay.
The moon was up, and his foot was down
A miracle was on its way.

They tried the hotels, the motels, the bed-and-breakfast
Locals, but no one seemed to have any room.

Better find a double room soon!


So where would Christmas be without...
Mary and Joseph?
Morecambe and Wise?
Laurel and Hardy?
Cracker Surprise?
Lights on the pine tree?
And more aftershave?
I'm not forgetting Jesus who was born on Christmas Day!

They found a place with the neon lights
TV, Pool, and Vacancies
The man at the desk didn't hear them right
When the two of them booked for three.

They watched the TV
And deeply, she thought about the needing
Of the heavens to deliver this way
And it happened on Christmas Day
Christmas Daaaaaaaaaaaaaay..
Christmas Daaaaaaaaaaaaaay..


Mary and Joseph were so surprised
With admirers around the crib
There was something in their son's eyes
They identically took one in.

Like a Messiah, and a Fire
Like the tread around a tire
That grip all roads
It's to bond you there.

And it happened on Christmas Day!
Christmas daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
Christmas daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Chorus, "Not forgetting Jesus.."

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