Tuesday, January 31, 2017

He Won't Give Up. And Neither Will We!

The following, beautifully penned by pollster Adam Geller:

Think about this: The POTUS sacrificed the things he loves: he put his business holdings in a blind trust...he gave up his TV show...he sacrificed his privacy...and he puts up with a constant barrage of ridicule from the left, and from the main stream media. He deals with instantly manufactured protests from the professional left agitators and their mindless, gullible minions.

He did it for one reason: because he loves his country, and he is putting his country before himself. He did it because he may be the only guy - THE ONLY GUY - who could overcome all of the obstacles he did during the primary and general election to get to this place in this moment. Imagine defeating the GOP establishment, and then defeating the Democrat-Media Industrial Complex. Within months of each other. Months.

His selection tonight of #JusticeGorsuch is another example of his patriotism and his love for this nation, under God, and indivisible.

The slanted coverage - propaganda, if we're being real - won't stop anytime soon. But neither will he.

The professional agitators who manufacture protests as if they were styrofoam cups - they won't stop. But neither will he.

He won't stop until our country is whole again. Until it is healed. Until it is great, again.

He won't stop, and neither will we.

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