Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Man And The Media: What You Need To Know

A facebook friend writes: "The March for Life basically ignored by the media today, but the media couldn't get enough of the 'Pussyhats' last week.. When will this bias stop? The media are out of touch with everyday Americans."
My answer is simple: The media bias isn't going to end.
Members of the dominant media (especially in media centers on the two coasts) delight in their long-standing bias.
They're proud of it. And they've never been more open about it and more defiant than they are right now.
Along with most of academia and the bulk of the entertainment industry, they hold themselves apart from ordinary Americans. Indeed, they are pretty much disdainful of those who inhabit vast stretches of the nation from middle and rural Pennsylvania all the way across through the midwest and south and into the most western reaches of our nation save for the west coast itself.
They are dismissive of hard-working, God-fearing, family-centered everyday Americans.
And they are now prepared to do everything they can to discredit and defeat President Trump and all of those who helped put him where he is today. Know that this is true: They will not stop until they have accomplished this singular mission. 
They are focused on the undoing of the president and his cause with a laser-like intensity. The die is cast.
How did this happen? The answer is simple.
Our president has directly challenged the media, unmasked the media, exposed them and shown them to be what they are. He has upended the narrative they sought to put in place. He has dared to pierce their power bubble. He has broken all the rules -- their rules.
And it's driving them crazy!

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