Monday, January 16, 2017

Now THIS Was Like A Genuine Breath Of Fresh Air!

Young people who are informed, engaged, curious, well-rounded and articulate quickly become favorites of mine. More often than not they're a helluva lot more fun to be around than my contemporaries. 
One such person is Rob Lawless. This young man gives me great hope for the future. 
I recently had a super time chatting with Rob who's spending one hour with each of 10,000 people from all walks of life as part of his innovative project Rob's 10K Friends
Rob is an extraordinary person with a fascinating story of his own. A Penn Stater who majored in finance he sees himself as equal parts analytical and creative. The youngest of three siblings from nearby Norristown, he's easy-going and inquisitive without being intrusive -- a rare talent these days. 
Rob majored in finance at PSU and worked for a time for an international management consultant firm. But Rob's no mere bean counter or workaday strategist. No, his interests include the arts, current events and pop culture as well. He's currently reading The Voice, the first volume of the landmark biography of Frank Sinatra. He also plays the guitar and likes all kinds of music.
Rob is currently looking for sponsors for his 10K Friends project. It's a Big Deal undertaking but I've no doubt whatsoever that he's up to the challenge.
Keep an eye on this guy. I think he's goin places!

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