Friday, March 24, 2017

So Now, We Ask: 'Who's REALLY Responsible?'

So, the healthcare bill has been pulled.
In the clutch, nobody wanted to go on the record. Disgraceful!
It's been said that victory has a million fathers and defeat is always an orphan. 
Not so here. 
Everyone will share in what happened today and suffer from it. This is a victory for no one and nothing. 
It's a nihilistic triumph and, insofar as it's a total abandonment of responsibility, it's reflective of our society as a whole and the rampant dysfunction that has infected American life and stymied American institutions, such as they are. 
Who's responsible for this? Everybody! 
The carping critics on the sidelines (and that includes the media) who kept nibbling at the edges like a pesky ant colony yapping endlessly until they were gluttonously satiated -- for the time being, anyway. The "Freedom Caucus" that held the legislation hostage, refusing to set it free. The wussy moderate bedwetters whose only interest is day-to-day survival, living from one round of Depends to the next. The wonky, narrow-shouldered speaker who couldn't leave his charts and graphs long enough to get the job done -- like a nebbishy professor, clinging to his flow charts and power points while his charges shot spitballs across the room. The Washington insiders, and power-brokers and monied special interests whose only real interest is inertia. And, of course, the vile, venal, vindictive collectivist DemocRATS who got us into this hellhole in the first place.
They're ALL responsible. 
Shame on ALL of 'em!

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