Monday, October 14, 2019

Here's When Cherry Hill's Newest Wawa Will Open

There seems to be something lucky about the number seven.
And, far as we can tell, Cherry Hill's SEVENTH Wawa ( a super Wawa complete with gas pumps) is almost ready to debut.
But exactly WHEN will the new Wawa on Haddonfied Road (across from the growing Garden State Park shopping Goliath) actually open? When??
Well, we've got the answer for you: this Thursday, October 17.
And, as with any Wawa grand opening, there will be FREE COFFEE throughout opening day. Make sure you get there bright and early!
BTW: Things seem to have gone relatively smoothly with the run up to the new Wawa but all is not the same with the new Shake Shake, Trader Joe's, TJ Maxx and Home Goods complex going up across the street. Neighbors are steamed about a road that will connect these stores with the rest of the Garden State Park shopping center and dump traffic into a nearby residential street. They've also raised  concerns  about parking lot lights and signage. The neighbors recently crowded a Cherry Hill Planning Board meeting where they raised hell and threatened further action if something isn't done  to address their concerns about.
Stay tuned . . . this one seems bound to get quite dicey!

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