Saturday, November 13, 2021

Face It: It's A Really Dangerous IDEOLOGY!

And now, excerpted from Peggy Noonan's fine column in this weekend's Wall Street Journal:

" . . . it would be a great national good if the woke regime were disrupted. Nobody likes it but the extreme cultural left, including the teachers unions. It did famous harm to the Democrats in the latest election.

"The debate over nomenclature—why, critical race theory isn’t even taught in third grade!—is mischievous and meant to obscure. The woke regime rests primarily on a charge that racial evil was systemically and deliberately embedded long ago, by the white patriarchy, in the heart of all American life, and that this ugliness thrives undiminished, which justifies all present attempts at eradication. We are not individual persons with souls; we are part of identity groups marked by specific traits. We hate each other and must fight each other. This regime is variously compared to China's Cultural revolution the French Revolution's Terror and Puritanism. It is an ideology. A philosophy bubbles up from lived experience and emerges in time; an ideology is forced down into people’s heads from above, and its demands are always urgent. . . . When parents 'were suddenly within earshot' of online classes, they became alarmed that children were 'being fed lessons on highly divisive topics of questionable academic benefit.' But when parents began to push back, they discovered who really runs the schools: unions, school boards whose members are often handpicked by unions, and businesses that sell curriculums and textbooks. 'None of them put students’ interests first.'"

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