Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blame Game

At ABC News Jake Tapper has tallied up 10 separate instances where Obama has blamed his staff for his own actions, statements, bunglings and gaffs.
This has been going on for nearly a year now.
There's a pattern here: Whenever Obama gets caught in a contradiction or misstatement he blames his staff. It's always "staffers, assistants, staff work" or the like.
It's almost laughable.
This is a guy with an enormously high opinion of himself who seems to be unable to admit to a mistake or a mess up or bad judgment. He just won't take responsibility.
Tapper's piece is worth reading if only to review the crazy catalogue of Obama's blame game.
Count 'em up the way Jake did. Then, ask yourself: "Do I really want somebody like this running the country?"

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