Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still Can't Close The Deal

Barack Obama was unable to close the deal again on Tuesday night.
Yes, he won North Carolina. But he simply won another southern state with a huge black vote in the Democrat primary (more than 30%). And he once again captured more than nine out of 10 of those black votes. But Obama lost Indiana to Clinton and Clinton won nearly 60% of late-deciding voters in Tuesday's primaries. It's significant that Obama couldn't win Indiana which borders his own state of Illinois.
So, let's review. Obama has lost New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Indiana, Florida and Texas. I add Florida because Obama never took his name off the ballot in Florida. These are big, significant states - key states in any general election.
And next week and the following week it's likely that Clinton will win West Virginia and Kentucky.
Still, Hillary faces an uphill climb.
Democrats will have a hard time denying Obama the nomination. The only question is will the prize be worth very much if and when Obama claims the prize? He can't win the big ones. He doesn't seem to be able to win over the groups that have turned against him. And, his inability to close the deal has led to a long, fractious race which has left both candidates bruised and battered.
And the doubts about Obama continue to grow - especially among the so-called "Reagan Democrats," older voters, regular church goers and independents. And these are people who actually vote.
If anything, the Clintons have been easy on Obama. That won't happen once the Republicans step to the plate.
Be sure of this: Nothing which Obama has faced thus far prepares him for the battle with the GOP that looms on the horizon.

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