Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I was sorry to hear the news about Senator Ted Kennedy today and join with so many others in wishing him strength, hope and a complete recovery as he battles Cancer. Only last week in my Philadelphia Daily News column I talked about how I supported Kennedy's quest for the presidency in 1980. The Democrat Party would have been wise to chuck Carter and nominate Kennedy that year. The party probably would have had a more successful future. Instead the party stayed with Carter and tumbled into a downward spiral that (save for the two Clinton terms) has not abated. Carter set the stage for Mondale, Dukakis, Gore and Kerry --all losers. Last year when it was announced that Ted Kennedy would finally write his memoirs I welcomed the news and hoped that Teddy would tell us some of his survival secrets. I said this: Whatever you may feel about Teddy he has certainly known the highs and the lows and it's fair to say he's been through hell over the course of his 75 years. Maybe he'll give us some insight as to where and how he got the strength to carry on.
I hope Ted Kennedy will be able to look forward to more chapters of his life -- inspiring, successful chapters -- ahead of him.

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