Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We've Gone National!

Thank you, Real Clear Politics for picking up our column in today's Philadelphia Daily News: Hillary Situation Reminds Me of 1980.
The comments on this just keep pouring in and we're excited and nearly overwhelmed.
This is a great thrill, and very gratifying.
To all those who have been arguing with me about this, our friend Michael Riccardi reminds us that it's really not so unusual for a candidate to stay in the race and take his or her challenge all the way to the convention. Here's what Michael says:
Hillary has every right to remain in the race as long as she wants. You are correct to point out that no one in her position (close 2nd) has ever gotten out before the convention. Udall in 1976 had his name placed in nomination. That same year, Reagan fought all the way to the convention. Hart in 1984 and Jesse Jackson in 1988 all kept their second-place campaigns going into the convention.
Thanks, Michael for this very pertinent update.
And thanks to everyone for your support of our efforts and all of your comments.

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