Thursday, May 22, 2008

Did She Miss Something?

I know that we're not supposed to discuss Michelle Obama (yet another topic deemed "off limits" by the OH!man) but I can't resist passing along this question that Pultizer Prize-winning columnist George Will poses to Obama about Michelle and her recent comments:
Michelle, who was born in 1964, says that most Americans' lives have"gotten progressively worse since I was a little girl." Since 1960,real per capita income has increased 143 percent, life expectancy has increased by seven years, infant mo rtality has declined 74 percent, deaths from heart disease have been halved, childhood leukemia has stopped being a death sentence, depression has become a treatable disease, air and water pollution have been drastically reduced, the number of women earning a bachelor's degree has more than doubled, the rate of home ownership has increased 10.2 percent, the size of the average American home has doubled, the percentage of homes with air conditioning has risen from 12 to 77, the portion of Americans who own shares of stock has quintupled. Has your wife perhaps missed some pertinent developments in this country that she calls "just downright mean"?

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