Thursday, May 1, 2008

We Give It A 10!

We had a great time visiting today with Bill Henley, Lori Wilson and the staff of Philly's The 10! Show (aka 10!) at the NBC10, WCAU-TV studios.
The one-hour magazine/lifestyle show is taped in the morning in front of a live audience and airs at 2 PM, Monday through Friday. Hosts Lori Wilson and Bill Hendley (pictured) couldn't be better matched. They have great chemistry on-air and off. They told us that they enjoy working with one another and look forward to doing the show every day. We also chatted with the show's resident DJ, Omega, who spins great music and peppers the proceedings with youthful energy and street lingo. Omega told us he's been doing deejay gigs since he was 12 and he knew early-on that this is what he always wanted to do.
Audience coordinator Colin McAndrew and talent booker Jami Osiecki also discussed details of the show with us including audience demographics, the types of topics and guests the show prefers, audience giveaways and bookings.
10! was re-launched nearly a year ago with Wilson as Henley's new co-host and has been a big success ever since. We wish Lori and Bill (who's also an NBC10 meteorologist) continued success.

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