Friday, May 23, 2008


Goin downashore this weekend?
Don't look for me there. 
It's been years since I've been to the Jersey shore for any length of time.
Why? Because the whole experience is dreadfully overrated. Yes, I know the Jersey shore is convenient. But after that, there's not much you can say on its behalf.
I do go downashore for day trips. But I find that Jersey shore towns are more crowded and congested than ever. In Ocean City you’ll find block after block of dreary duplexes all looking exactly the same. They are so close together that if your neighbor sneezes you’re likely to catch a cold. 
At least Atlantic City has its casinos and of these the best of the bunch is the beautiful Borgata (pictured). 
But in Wildwood teens still run wild, beer bellies still abound and the messages that adorn cheap t-shirts are more offensive than ever.
Except for AC and Margate, to me, it's simply not a turn on. 
When it comes time for my summer vacation I hop in my car and drive to a tropical island where Palmetto trees, magnolias, exotic birds and crepe myrtle are plentiful and you may even see an alligator or two. On this island you don’t need beach tags to enjoy the smooth, inviting beach and the sea is calm with an ocean temperature that’s more like bathwater. You can walk, jog, roller blade or bicycle for miles under lush tropical foliage along well-maintained paths. Dolphins dance in the waters where fishing, boating, crabbing and shrimping beckon. And when you are not golfing on world-famous courses you can play tennis on championship-style clay courts. Shopping and dining choices are endless and the friendly natives speak in a slow drawl that invites you to linger. At night as you walk along the beach you can enjoy a sky that is literally bedazzled with stars. Thank goodness for Hilton Head!

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