Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perry Reportedly Will Drop Out Today

Word is that Rick Perry will drop out of the GOP presidential race today in advance of tonight's debate.
Perry has been lagging in the polls and his campaign never really caught on.
He had a fairly good night at the most recent debate but many felt it was just too little, too late.
Perry stumbled at the starting gate and never seemed ready for prime time. He was often inarticulate, seemed ill-informed and out of his element.
How will this impact the race? At first blush it would seem that Perry's departure will help the other "non-Romneys" and hurt Romney. But it also may be too late for this to have any impact, especially if Romney continues to do well and if the Gingrich campaign suffers the Marianne-induced body blow that is expected.
The latest polls still have Romney with a nice lead in South Carolina and in Florida.
Who will Perry endorse? No word yet.
Stay tuned . . . . .

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