Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's All This Fuss About Romney's Income & Taxes?

Somehow, it doesn't make much sense.
But that's what happens when a biased Dominant Media holds sway.
Yes, the media are all over Mitt Romney who says he probably pays about 15% on income earned from his investments. But this is the allowable tax on what's called capital gains.
Now, I do seem to remember that when John Kerry ran for the presidency his income tax record showed that he was paying about 12% in taxes. And, by some accounts Kerry gave next-to-nothing to charity while Romney donates millions. Yet, one heard hardly a peep out of the media regarding the taxes paid by Kerry & Co. -- or the lack of generosity.
The other big hue and cry today is about the estimated $340,000 that Romney made from speaking engagements. Having booked many prominent big-name speakers I can tell you that fees in the $30-60,000 range are not uncommon. That's for a single speech. So, ten speeches would easily reap $300,000 - $500,000.
But the really top speakers receive in excess of $100,000 per speech.
Still, we've heard nothing from the media about the more than 80 million dollars that former President Clinton has earned from speaking engagements. That 'ole Arkansas snake-oil salesman is still rakin it in -- and nobody seems to mind one bit.
Here's my advice to Romney: Release all your tax records. Get it all out now. Put it all on the table. And never, ever apologize for being a successful businessperson.

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