Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Do So Many 'Conservatives' Oppose Gingrich?

One would think that conservatives would be rushing to support Newt Gingrich.
After all, Gingrich presents himself as a sort of conservative champion.
Again and again he wraps himself in the cloak of conservatism.
But lots of conservatives simply aren't buying it.
Peter Wehner has a wonderful column in Commentary that examines why so many genuine conservatives actually oppose Newt Gingrich -- why they district him and his candidacy.
Here's an excerpt:
The reality is that conservative/”establishment” opposition to Gingrich generally falls into three categories. One is that if he won the nomination, he would not only lose to Barack Obama, but he would sink the rest of the GOP fleet in the process. A second area of concern is that Gingrich is temperamentally unfit to be president –he’s too erratic, undisciplined, and rhetorically self-destructive. A third area of concern is the suspicion that the former House speaker is not, in fact, a terribly reliable conservative, that he is not philosophically well-grounded
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