Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'Broke' Corzine Still Raising Big Bucks For Obama

We love the following post from Matt Rooney at the Save Jersey blog and we thank him for allowing us to post it here as well. Make sure you visit Save Jersey often. It's one of the best!

Jon Corzine is the gift that keeps on giving for conservative bloggers!

Former Governor Jon Corzine: Sugar Daddy for Corrupt Politicians!
His problems at MF Global are now common knowledge. We know $1.2 billion disappeared on his watch.
That’s “billion” with a “B,” Save Jerseyans.
Unsurprisingly, that didn’t stop our well-heeled former governor from raising $500,000 for Barack Obama this cycle alone! Click here to see his honorary “$500K+” designation on the President’s campaign donor website.
It goes without saying that President Obama’s campaign should immediately return the money. $1.2 billion is still unaccounted for; plenty of hard-working Americans lost their shirts including 38,000 farmers who have already filed suit against Corzine.
We know the president is perfectly comfortable surrounding himself with crony capitalists. And he’s pocketed plenty of campaign cash from Corzine’s efforts in the past. But wouldn’t you think he’d draw the line somewhere? Particularly in an election year?
Sometimes, I think he’s beyond caring… we’re too far below him!

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