Wednesday, January 25, 2012

THIS Christie Video Will Give You Goosebumps!

Do you make jokes about New Jersey?
Even when the state had the good sense to elect the most genuine, most credible Governor in America?
Even while the whole country is now watching America's most compelling public figure transform New Jersey into a model for the nation?
Even while millions are wishing that this native of Newark, NJ was the President of the United States?
Obviously, you need to stop making those jokes. And you need to stop it right now.
For a lot of reasons. But here's another reason why.
This video of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie answering a question from a young Giants fan at a recent Christie Town Hall will give you goosebumps -- no matter where you live or what team you root for.
It not only shows Chris Christie at his best but it also demonstrates his pride in his home state and his understanding of New Jerseyans' keen sense of identity with the Garden State.
He says it. He means it. He does it!


Lisa said...

I have always loved NJ, but I have not always loved Christie. However, I might be coming around just a teeny bit. We'll see...

BIG ROB said...

I live in NJ, I voted for Kris Krispycreme, I even worked phone banks for him in Freehold for his election, but this man is NOT a conservative. Immigration squish, 2nd Amendment opponenet etc.... Good on finances, bad on rest