Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Romney: Obama's Pipeline Rejection 'Shocking'

Mitt Romney today made the following statement on President Obama’s decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline:
"President Obama's decision to reject the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline is as shocking as it is revealing. It shows a President who once again has put politics ahead of sound policy. If Americans want to understand why unemployment in the United States has been stuck above 8 percent for the longest stretch since the Great Depression, decisions like this one are the place to begin. By declaring that the Keystone pipeline is not in the ‘national interest,’ the President demonstrates a lack of seriousness about bringing down unemployment, restoring economic growth, and achieving energy independence. He seems to have confused the national interest with his own interest in pleasing the environmentalists in his political base.”
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Tom the Redhunter said...

This just goes to show what a leftist Obama really is. He cares not a whit for our economy, but rather focuses on ephemeral things like "green energy" and all that. He actually thinks that solar and wind is the future of energy. We must get rid of him this year before he destroys our country!