Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A. Charles Peruto: The Bigger-Than-Life Champ

The Philadelphia legal community has lost a bigger-than-life champion -- a legendary trial lawyer who contributed mightily to the enormous diversity and rich texture of the city's life.
And the criminal defense bar has lost one of its greatest practitioners -- a man with a boundless history of successful defenses, fearless advocacy, unforgettable stories, valuable lessons, memorable wisecracks and a unique combination of charm and fortitude.
A. Charles Peruto has died at age 86.
Through five decades he defined what it was to be an indomitable defender of the accused.
But beyond that he also created a certain type of distinctive Philadelphia character: a colorful combination of shrewd, sensational, smart, sure and surprising, all at once.
Some self-appointed "elite" lawyers in the city may have thought this diamond in the rough was more rough than diamond. If they did, they did so at their own peril.
Peruto argued -- and often won -- some of the big cases in Philadelphia's history.
Inimitable. That was the word for Peruto.
But don't take our word for it.
Click here to read the great Joe Slobodzian's story on Peruto at Joe tells it much better than we ever could. This was a life richly lived!

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