Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why We've NEVER Missed A Day . . .

It's occurred to us that we've never missed a day.
That's right!
After nearly six years, we're still producing new material for the Dan Cirucci Blog all day, every day. 
That includes Saturday and Sunday and Christmas and Easter and New Year's Day and the Fourth of July and all those other days --every one of them.
More than 10,000 posts have appeared here. And we've attracted nearly a million page views from every corner of the world. Still, one of our first readers was a guy born and bred in New Jersey -- a guy who become Governor of his home state and a national sensation. And we're proud to say that Governor Chris Christie is still in our corner, as we are in his.
No matter what you're interested in, there's a place for you here.
So remember: We're here EVERY day.
And, God willing, we'll continue to be here day after day for you.
Isn't that a good reason to keep coming back?

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