Friday, December 27, 2013

Ten Biggest Celebrity 'Has- Beens' Of 2013

There's nothing sadder than over-the-hill celebrities, politicos, sports stars and other once-famous people who still try to hog the spotlights.
They just don't know when enough is enough.
They can't give it up.
Many of them have serious problems and troubling ancillary issues.
Here are our ten top has-beens of 2013:

1) Dennis Rodman. This washed-up hoops-player and trashy celebrity tried to get back into the picture by befriending the sick thugs who run North Korea. The whole scene was bizarre.

2) Katie Couric. Turns out this former Today show host and former news anchor discovered the third time wasn't the charm as her daily talk show went up in flames amidst renewed charges that she's an out-of-touch prima donna.

3) Paris Hilton. She used to be famous just for being FAMOUS! But now that she can't sustain even an iota of fame, what's left?

4) Lindsay Lohan. It's sad to be all washed up at such a young age. But how much addiction, recovery and strange (if not downright criminal) behavior can the public take?

5) Madonna. Not only is she not well preserved but age has certainly taken more than its toll. We can't understand why she's still touring. What's the point?

6) Alec Baldwin. Forget anger management. We may be well beyond that. We're talking the arrival of the tottering and doddering faze.

7) Charlie Sheen. Remember "winnnning?" Seems that was a long, long time ago.

8) Barbara Walters. Like an I Love Lucy rerun, she looked so much better in the original black and white version.

9) Adam Sandler. We hear he's just made a new movie. Yawn . . . . . . .

10) Carrot Top. Did you know he's now a permanent attraction in Vegas? Next stop: Branson.

11) And just for good measure, we'll add one more: Rachel Ray. Two words: "Shut up!"

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