Friday, December 20, 2013

Sen. Toomey Endorses Corbett-Crawley

Governor Tom Corbett and Lt. Governor Jim Cawley are honored to announce that, today, the Corbett-Cawley campaign received the endorsement of U.S. Senator Pat Toomey.

“I am proud to endorse Tom Corbett and Jim Cawley for another term as Governor and Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, because they recognize the importance of preserving the fiscal health of our Commonwealth for future generations,” said Senator Pat Toomey.

“Under the leadership of the Corbett-Cawley team, fiscal discipline has returned to Harrisburg.  Whether it was eliminating a $4.2 billion deficit without raising taxes, or enabling the private sector to create 141,000 jobs, Governor Corbett has consistently championed policies to protect the tax dollars of hard-working Pennsylvanians.  That is an impressive achievement few governors can claim.”

Upon receiving the endorsement of Senator Toomey, Governor Corbett stated: “"I am honored to receive the endorsement of Pat Toomey, a leading advocate of smaller government and fiscal responsibility.”

“The relationship Senator Toomey and I have developed has been critical in preventing the one-size-fits-all mandates of Washington, D.C., from threatening Pennsylvania’s economic recovery,” Corbett added.  “I look forward to a continued partnership with Senator Toomey as we strive to bring more jobs and less taxes to Pennsylvania.”

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