Sunday, January 19, 2014

GOP And Diversity: Better Than You Think

Did you know? 
More potential 2016 presidential candidates by far are in the Republican Party than the Democrat Party. For example: Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley (Indian), Susanna Martinez, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz (Hispanic) and Allen West (African-Ameirican). 
And the history of the GOP speaks for itself: 
  • The first woman ever appointed to the United States Supreme Court was a Republican, appointed by a Republican president. 
  • The first African-American ever elected to the US Senate post-reconstruction was a Republican. The only African-American currently sitting on the US Supreme Court is a Republican. 
  • The first Hispanic American ever to serve in the US Senate was a Republican. The first Woman ever to serve in both Houses of the US Congress was a Republican. 
  • The first US governor of Indian descent is a Republican. The first female US governor of Indian descent is also a Republican.
  • The first woman ever nominated for the presidency by either of the two major political parties was a Republican.
  • Republicans in Congress provided the deciding votes to pass the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act.
  • The first African-American Secretary of State was appointed by a Republican president, as was the first African-American National Security Advisor to the president.
  • President George W. Bush had more African-Americans in top level positions in his administration than President Obama does now.
  • Of the Obama Administration's 20 top earners, only six are women.
So, before you start assuming that the Democrats are head and shoulders above the GOP on diversity, take a look at the facts. Because the facts prove otherwise.

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