Monday, September 29, 2014

To Wolf, Transparency is 'A Distraction'

In Pennsylvania, the Corbett-Cawley campaign today released the following statement in response to Secretary Tom Wolf calling Pennsylvanians' demand for full transparency a distraction to his campaign.  Despite not releasing any personal or corporate tax returns to the public, Wolf describes his campaign as “more transparent that I think just about any campaign I know.”  Wolf made his comments on Thursday at a meeting with The Patriot-News editorial board.

Watch Wolf characterize providing details about his campaign as a distraction.

“Secretary Tom Wolf is either completely delusional with what it means to be transparent, or is arrogant to the point where in his mind, he truly views the voters of Pennsylvania as a distraction to his campaign,” stated Communications Director Chris Pack.  “If Tom Wolf is so proud of the so-called fresh start that he is proposing for Pennsylvania, then why is he so afraid to talk about his plan?  Tom Wolf continues to demonstrate that his campaign is not about helping anyone, it is just about fulfilling a longstanding desire to be governor.”

During an editorial board meeting with The Patriot-News, Wolf was asked to release his tax returns to prove he is not taking advantage of the Delaware Loophole that he is campaigning against.  Wolf responded in a more general tone, stating that when he is asked to provide supporting documentation for his campaign rhetoric that it becomes a distraction.

“Uh, what I found was, in being more transparent than I think just about any campaign I know, uh, every time I do that, there’s some new, uh, thing that comes up.  And I think it distracts us from what people really want to talk about in an election,” stated Wolf.

Despite Wolf anointing himself as having one of the most transparent campaigns that he has ever seen, the media has been critical of Wolf’s lack of leadership over the past week.  Below is what the media has been saying about Wolf’s antics.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE REVIEW: “Tom Wolf doesn't want to ‘get into the weeds’ because as the poll-presumptive governor, the emperor-in-waiting with no clothes fears being forced to run through the weeds that will cut him, if not bleed him dry.”

PHILLY.COM:  “It should be noted that Wolf holds a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and used to be the state's revenue secretary. Certainly he has the credentials to make something of the available figures. If he wants to be governor, Wolf should provide some numbers and explain how his plan would work.

READING EAGLE:  “Asked whether he will have to get more specific about the proposals, Wolf said… ‘I think the specificity is on his (Corbett's) shoulders’.”

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: “Wolf has said he wants to levy a higher income tax…But he has said he can't specify who would pay more income tax under his plan, or give an estimate of the rate.”

THE PATRIOT-NEWS:  “…but one caveat for those who might be waiting for specific numbers on Wolf's "fair" tax plan for Pennsylvania: You won't find those here.”

WITF:  “Wolf is also campaigning on increasing education funding, but he said during Monday’s debate that he doesn't know how much money would be sufficient.”

CAPITOLWIRE:  “Wolf displayed some uneasiness with questions about his plan to overhaul the personal income tax in Pennsylvania.”

THE PATRIOT-NEWS:  “Still, it's a little surprising to hear that, when pressed, the York County businessman say that it's up to [Corbett] to come up with specifics.”

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