Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why Tom Corbett Won First Debate Decisively

In Pennsylvania, the Corbett-Cawley campaign released the following statement from Campaign Manager Mike Barley following last night's Pennsylvania Chamber gubernatorial debate in Hershey, in which Governor Tom Corbett showcased the same leadership and command of the issues that have reformed and put Pennsylvania back on track over the last four years, while his opponent Tom Wolf, spun empty campaign rhetoric in circles failing to deliver any real ideas for Pennsylvania’s future.
“Governor Tom Corbett won last night with the same resolve and leadership that has built a stronger Pennsylvania over the last four years,” stated Campaign Manager Mike Barley. “Governor Corbett took his case for re-election directly to the voters, exposing Tom Wolf’s billion-dollar lie and desire to force middle class Pennsylvanians to spend more of their hard-earned money in taxes. Governor Corbett’s leadership on economic growth, job creation, education funding, pensions, transportation and his commitment to a ‘More Jobs, Less Taxes’ agenda has put Pennsylvanians back to work in greater numbers, and secured a stronger future for our children and grandchildren.”
“Multi-millionaire Tom Wolf continued to deceive voters, refusing to release the corporate tax returns he promised he would show to prove once and for all his company is not taking advantage of the very Delaware loophole he campaigns against. Even as he failed to prove he’s paying his own fair share, Tom Wolf doubled down on his plan to raise special energy and personal income taxes on families and small businesses in order to finance an agenda in the mold of the failed policies we continue to see from the Obama administration in Washington, DC. Tom Wolf failed to address the tough issues facing our state such as pension reform in order to protect the bottom line of the liberal special interests and public sector unions financing his campaign. Ultimately Tom Wolf proved once again what we have known all along – that repeating the tried and failed agenda of the Obama and Rendell administrations is the wrong direction for Pennsylvania’s future, and that Wolf himself is out of touch with the people of Pennsylvania.”
For more information on Tom Wolf’s lies and empty rhetoric, please view the real-time releases sent throughout this evening’s debate, below:

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