Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Glory Of Catholicism: Truly Unique!

In Spain's many cathedrals and even in its town and neighborhood churches you will find ample evidence of the glory of Catholicism in an ambundance of incredible works of art, relics and artifacts, iconic statues, priceless representations and magnificent imagery.
A religion that claims to be "the one true holy and apostolic church" could not be what it is without these magnificent treasures of its history, faith and boundless belief.
Every Catholic house of worship should inspre us, lift our eyes upward, guide our reverence, encourage our devotion and reassure us in our faith. All of the saints should surround us and embrace us and center us on the true meaning of Catholicism: Belief in the trinity, redemption through Christ and devotion to Mary, the mediatrix.
Here are some photos from Spain that remind us of all this:

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