Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trump Warned Of bin-Laden, Terror Attack In 2000

In 2000 (nineteen months before the 9/11 attack) Donald Trump warned of a massive terrorist hit on our country. And, he mentioned Osama bin-Laden by name.

“I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers,” wrote Trump in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve. “No sensible analyst rejects this possibility, and plenty of them, like me, are not wondering if but when it will happen.”

And then Trump specifically mentioned Osama bin Laden in his criticism of an American foreign policy.

“One day we’re told that a shadowy figure with no fixed address named Osama bin-Laden is public enemy number one, and U.S. jetfighters lay waste to his camp in Afghanistan,” Trump wrote. “He escapes back under some rock, and a few news cycles later it’s on to a new enemy and new crisis.”

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