Saturday, November 14, 2015

America's Security - The Warning Signs Were There!

We are now in a situation where it's quite clear that we have a president and an administration that are complacent about America's security.
In fact, on all fronts our security clearly seems threatened.
Hours before the awful terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday, President Obama said that ISIS had been "contained." In fact, he claimed ISIS is "not growing" and not getting "stronger." In an interview with ABC News, Obama said of ISIS: "I don't think they're gaining strength."
And even after the attack, our president once again refused to even utter the words "terrorism" or "terrorist" let alone "Islamic extremism" or "Islamic terrorism." In fact, even though the whole world seemed to know that Paris had been hit by a series of terrorist attacks, Obama refused to characterize yesterday's atrocities as such. Referring to the terrorist attacks merely as an "episode," Obama added that "I don’t want to speculate at this point in terms of who was responsible for this."
This pattern has been consistent for this president -- a distant, intransigent and often cold and calculating individual who seems defiant even in the face of the facts.
Even though we now know that two of the terrorists had connections to Syria and probably came into Europe as Syrian "refugees," Obama still insists on letting more Syrians into our country and even hastening the process.
Are you surprised? Are you?
We're not.
In fact, we warned about all this more than seven years ago.
We tried to tell everyone that a president's first responsibility is national security and that the presidency is no place for someone who does not recognize this and does not seem fully committed to the job.
We tried again and again to get people to think about our future stability, indeed -- our safety and survival.
We asked you to focus on one question above all others: "Who will protect America?"
Here, below is what we posted on July 6, 2008 in the midst of that year's presidential campaign when Obama faced a great champion of our military and a certified war hero.
Read it, and think about what's happened since:

As I watch children this summer playing freely poolside or by the ocean and cavorting with such wonderful spontaneity, I pray for them and for their future. And I can't help but ask: "Who will protect them?"
Who will protect these children from our enemies?
Who will protect our nation? Who will safeguard our way of life and the freedoms that we treasure? Who will protect America from those who hate us and are determined to destroy us and everything that Ameica stands for?
When these children are tucked in at night, who will protect us with the strength, fortitude, courage and determination that will ensure another bright morning for America?
We live in dangerous times.
And be sure of this: Our enemies want us dead - all of us; even the children.
We need a leader who truly understands the nature of the enemy that we face, the seriousness of the threat that confronts us -- someone who has faced our enemies eye-to-eye once before; someone who has survived with strength and wisdom; someone who loves America and knows what it is to risk everything for that love.
We need someone who has the courage - the sheer guts - to act and the knowledge and experience to know when and how to act. There won't be time for on the job training.
This is what we need if we are to protcet these children and give genuine meaning to the word "hope." Because, unless these children survive, unless there is a "tomorrow" for them, there is no hope - no hope for America or the world.
These are the considerations and this is the issue that should inform us in this election.
For me - for these children - there is really only one choice.

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