Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yeah, Go On And Say It; Get It Off Your Chest!

A Facebook friend writes:
"Something I need to get off my chest: This whole "ISIS wants you to hate Muslims" theory you're hearing is typical of individuals who want to apply academic 'Foggy Bottom' mindsets to Middle Eastern cave people. 
"Good luck! They can't accept the reality of a Bronze Age society whose inhabitants want to hurt us for no other reason than they're hateful people who have been trained, from birth, to hate us. 
"There's no single foreign policy, president, or conflict that's to blame. They just do, and they always will until external and internal forces conspire to transform the land. 
"That's because the culture itself is rotten to the core, not unlike what we saw in Japan and Germany in the 1930s. Did that era's Democrat president claim he was too busy to discuss it?"

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