Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Christie Scores High In GOP Debate

National Journal: “The Christie Comeback Continued in Milwaukee”
“The New Jersey governor’s focus on Clinton, humor won over many Republicans”
“Chris Christie de­livered an­oth­er strong de­bate per­form­ance Tues­day”

Former U.S. Senator Scott P. Brown: “@GovChristie won. Great closing answer.”

National Review’s Jay Nordlinger: “Chris Christie looks both pugnacious and presidential. Pretty hard thing to pull off.”

Cox Radio’s Jamie Dupree: “GOP debate undercard is over. Christie seemed to be the easy winner.”

Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis: “Santorum yelled. Jindal complained. Huckabee's wife yells. Christie rocked.”

Frank Luntz: “Looks like @ChrisChristie is doing what Carly Fiorina did so well: Save the attacks for the other party, not your own.”
“.@ChrisChristie gets it: The opponent isn't each other. The opponent is Hillary Clinton. He is nailing this junior #GOPDebate.”

FiveThirtyEight’s Leah Libresco: “Christie is the strongest, most memorable candidate on stage.”

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver: “To my eyes, Christie was the most polished and tactically sound.”

Fox News’ Monica Crowley: @ChrisChristie dominated first debate. And @FoxBusiness ran a supremely professional, substantive debate. Nicely done.

The Plain Dealer’s Henry J. Gomez: “Chris Christie was very good. If anyone post-Fiorina can turn an undercard win into a bounce (back) to prime time, it's him.”

Suzy Welch: “Solid, serious #GOPDebate, which Christie obviously won.”

The Washington Times’ Jessica Chasmar: “Christie was the clear winner of tonight's undercard.”

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “Christie killing it with foreign policy knowledge/specifics on China”

Breitbart: “Chris Christie Slams Hillary Clinton in Almost Every GOP Debate Answer”

New York Post’s John Podhoretz: “It's like batting practice for Christie.”

The Washington Post’s Robert Costa: “Christie is making a play for Trump voters. Tough talk? Check. Aggressive stance on China? Check.”
“So far, undercard giving Christie a showcase. Talking up cops, fiscal issues, China. And sans Trump, lone candidate w/ Northeast bravado.”

The Washington Post’s James Hohmann: “Christie's line that he's vetoed more tax increases than any governor in US history, citing @GroverNorquist's ATR, was a strong moment.”

U.S. News & World Report’s David Catanese: “Wow, Christie passes swiping back at Jindal. Right back to Hillary. Electability again. "I've won in a blue state."

Former GE Chairman and CEO Jack Welch: “.@GovChristie is doing a fabulous job. Crazy that he is not on main stage sharing his thinking and presence with more.”

The Huffington Post’s Amanda Terkel: “Chris Christie didn’t get a ton of notice during the main debates in the past. But really dominating the JV one.”

The Washington Post’s Ed O'Keefe: “.@ChrisChristie having a standout performance tonight.”

National Review’s Rich Lowry: “Christie wins exchange w/ Jindal by elevating himself above it”

CBS News’ Alex Romano: “Christie staying above the fray as Jindal tries to continue attack his and Huckabee's records as guvs”

Larry Sabato: “Christie's target is Hillary Clinton, Jindal's target is the entire GOP field.”
“Easy call: Undercard winner is Christie, loser is Jindal. Argue amongst yourselves about Huckabee and Santorum.

National Review’s Rich Lowry: “Christie stands up for cops--good for him. "I'll have your back"
“Has any GOP candidate as forthrightly stood up for the cops as Christie did right there? Maybe Trump?”

Fox News’ Angela McGlowan: “.@ChrisChristie is getting a lot of applause as well. He seems to be having a good night”

Fox Business Network’s Charles Gasparino: “great point on impact of zero i rate policy of the fed by @GovChristie: has led to " more income inequality in this admin than any admin"

Michael Steele: “Undercard best thing to happen to @ChrisChristie. Right now he's owning the stage despite some heel nibbling by @BobbyJindal”

CNN’s Michelle Kosinski: “Still can't believe Christie isn't in the main debate though. I think he always shines in that setting. Cuts through.”

Patrick Ruffini: “Undercard debate could be good for Christie. Gives him a chance to stand out against a smaller, lower wattage field.”

Politico’s Shane Goldmacher: “Christie keeps pivoting to Clinton. And each time the crowd applauds. This was the Gingrich 2012 tactic. And it worked then.”

Fox News’ Abby Huntsman: “Have a feeling this is the last time Chris Christie will be at the kiddie table.”

CBN’s David Brody: “.@ChrisChristie basically saying President Obama doesn't respect the military.Then he dropped the mic.”

The Washington Post’s Abby D. Phillip: “Christie had a strong debate for sure. Jindal's attacks got people's attention, but it's unclear if they got them to like him.”

The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack: “Strong finish from @ChrisChristie.”

National Journal’s Alex Roarty: My story: He might have been on the undercard debate, but the Christie comeback continued Tuesday

National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar: If Jeb doesn't turn things around in primetime, Christie cld be big beneficiary

Politico: “Christie Punches At Clinton”

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