Monday, November 23, 2015

Some 'Comparisons' Just Don't Work!

A Facebook friend writes:

"So you can see how leftists 'think'.

"Comparing turning away Jews -- not one of whom represented even an implicit threat to Americans -- fleeing Nazi Germany, to folks fleeing Syria -- who, in light of the attacks in Paris, are not merely hypothetical threats, but REAL threats -- is beyond absurd and deeply offensive.

"America has a long tradition of opening its doors to the persecuted, but its FIRST obligation is to the safety of Americans. 

"If you can't guarantee that we're not going to admit another Tsarnaev family -- apparently, those who weren't terrorists were petty criminals and moochers, and just about all were lunatics or ingrates -- when your "compassion" threatens the lives of Americans, it's time to reconsider your compassion'".

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