Thursday, November 17, 2016

Near Hysteria Over Self-Inflicted Wounds? Huh?

Media types are in a state of near-hysteria over what they call "false" news sites on the Internet. 
But, think about this for a moment. 
The media brought all this on itself. 
When you abandon objectivity and become a sycophantic player yourself; when you twist the facts; when you participate in cover ups; when you slant the "news" and when you outright lie, then people not only feel betrayed but, of course, they stop listening to you, believing you and following you. You've effectively devalued the news and brokered away your credibility. 
In the face of that, you can't then blame people for turning to whatever other "news" sources are available to them. 
Message to mainstream media: Stop reliving the election and stop looking for ways to trip up the winner and/or reinforce your own prejudices. Instead, step back, straighten up, look in the mirror and start cleaning up your own act. 
It's YOUR professional responsibility!

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